Steven Universe Quiz


Steven Universe Quiz

If one of your favorite childhood memories and adult pastimes is watching cartoons and answering quizzes, then you're at the right spot. The Crystal Gems welcome you to the Steven Universe Quiz! Walk down memory lane and see if you can answer the questions correctly!

Steven Universe is an all-age animated series aired sporadically on Cartoon Network. Steve Universe is the brain-child of Rebecca Sugar, making it one of the first Cartoon Network original series created by a woman.
The cast of Steven Universe is noteworthy and includes people from all spectrums and colors, which is a great choice for a kid's show. The show focuses on the adventures of a group of warriors known as the Crystal Gems and their interactions with the residents of their town - Beach City. The heroic and loved Crystal Gems include the enigmatic, cool team leader- Garnet played by British songwriter/singer Estelle, the voice of reason- Pearl, the firebrand Amethyst. The star and main character the titular Steven Universe (Yes, that's his surname), a clumsy kid sidekick and also the only boy in the adventure group. The superhero group fights to protect the lives on Earth from different monsters and calamities.
The show starts with showing an excited Steven, still inept with his skills, growing up and advancing to learn and use his skills to be one of the Crystal Gems. it also displays his complicated relationship with his mother, the founder and former leader of the Crystal Gems, who supposedly " gave up her physical form to bring Steven into the world."

Steven is the only known human and Crystal Gem hybrid, and the show shows how he perfectly links both cultures. While the first season Adventure Times bombards the viewers with explosive plots and twists, Steven Universe mostly walks with a plan. But we are not going to give spoilers?!
Steven Universe is definitely worth the time, and it has a varied set of themes ranging from grief, loss, happiness, and craziness. Another significant characteristic of the series is its defining music. There is an instrumental score or an inspired piece by Aivi Tran and Steven "Surasshu" Velema, impromptu music numbers, or just the characters singing because they have a ukulele. Steven Universe plays well with ideas that almost no Western animated series has worked with. It is something you can binge watch again and again!

The Steven Universe Quiz
Why is the cast of Seven Universe popular? What is special of Beach City?
If you loved watching the Crystal Gems, here are quiz questions you should surely try taking up! Which Crystal Gem are you? Guess the Cartoon Character! Steven Universe Personality Quiz!


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