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Riverdale Quiz

Hola, welcome to the Riverdale Quiz by Quizlu! If you think you have the brain cells to remember the ups and downs of the most twisted plot, then give this a shot and test your Riverdale abilities.

Riverdale is a popular Netflix show based on the famous Archie Comics characters with a dark and deep background. The story follows through four seasons, wherein the characters encounter various dramas while still being in their high-school.
It follows Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead Jones, Josie, and various other characters. Throughout the seasons, the group goes through various murders, drug dealing, a racket of organ smuggling, and dealing with some devils hidden in their pasts.
The first season introduces the murder of Jason Blossom – a rich and popular high school boy and gives a kick start to the story. At the same time, the rumors about his death are still riff. With each character's demons at bay, Betty, Jughead, Veronica, and Archie decide to find out who the real murders are so they can clear FP's name. Jason's father had shot him to keep him from revealing the father's involvement in drugs. The story moves forward, with some characters going into positive spheres while others are unknowingly ending up in the hands of the worse.
In the midst of all this, Riverdale is introduced to a game. Griffins and Gargoyles is the new charm of the town. The game is somewhat inspired by Dungeons & Dragons and has Jumanji-like Consequences. The town is yet again stripped by murders and suicides, owning its presence to this game. Another plotline goes to The Farm, wherein new recruiters join in, which is another major thing in Riversdale. The Farm has been performing surgery on people and harvesting their organs, even go on to steal dead bodies. All of this is revealed by Betty, who is later on manipulated by the game kills her father. Betty and Jughead are in a sweetheart relationship. Archies was sent to prison for a false murder. Veronica had been busy with her underground club and casino, and her family feuds go on to increase. With another murder and its tapped evidence, the group is yet again in the line of fire. The quiz is about the twisted plotline of Riverdale.

The Riverdale Quiz
Which year were characters studying in? Who killed Jason and why? Who was betty's brother? Why was the game developed? Why did betty kill her father? Did Archie kill someone? Is Jughead the real OG in the series?


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