Emily in Paris Quiz


Emily in Paris Quiz

Welcome to the 'Emily in Paris' Quiz by Quizlu! If you have been binging on Emily in Paris (because who hasn't?), then this is the perfect place to check how much about the show you know. The quiz will keep you on the edge of your seat, much like the show does, with all kinds of tricky questions.

In Paris, Emily is a Netflix original series that packs comedy and drama with a tinge of romance and tonnes of adventure. The show has been a hit among viewers from the get-go, and for a good reason.
Starring Lily Collins as 'Emily,' the show begins with her moving to Paris to provide an American point of view to a French firm. The problem with this seemingly perfect work trip is that Paris is a city with a language and culture, both foreign to Emily. While Emily's struggle amidst this culture clash captures both our hearts and all our attention, the entire cast adds to the roller coaster that keeps us glued to our screens.
Emily is seen dawning vibrant designer clothing that had most, if not all, viewers of the show drooling while we binged the show in our sweatpants! Created by the makers of 'Sex and the City", Emily in Paris packs a similar appeal. The major plot of the series revolves around the theme where the city seems to have a life of its own and is one of the storyline's central characters.
The star cast, gripping plot, designer clothing, aesthetic landscape, and most importantly, the overall vibe of the show perfectly fit the worthy binge criteria, which most certainly is one of the biggest factors for the success of the show. Without a doubt, the first season keeps audiences binging and asking for more. With these interesting series, all our wishes were granted when Netflix signed the show for a second season!

The Emily in Paris Quiz
Do you know everything about Lily Colins, the lead character of the series? How keen are your observations? These are a few, but there is an array of questions flooding towards you.
If you pass with flying colors, it's time for you to join all the Emily in Paris only fans accounts. If you don't - well, it might be time for binge watching again! So then, what are you waiting for? Take the quiz and find out!


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