Dash and Lily Quiz

Dash and Lily Quiz

Welcome to the Dash & Lily quiz on Quizlu! If you’ve landed here, it’s probably because you’ve just finished binge watching the series and, like everyone else, can't get enough of it. It is now time to test just how big a fan you are of the show. Take the quiz to find out!

Dash & Lily is an 8-episode holiday romantic-comedy that premiered on Netflix in November. It is based across the popular young-adult book series, ‘Dash & Lily's Book of Dares,’ by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan.
The series follows the story of skeptical Dash (Austin Abrams) and hopeful Lily (Midori Francis) as they embark on an adventure through the charming New York City without ever meeting each other.
The characters are delightfully opposite from each other. Dash is the cynical boy with family issues who hates Christmas and describes it as “the most detestable time of the year," while Lily is a quirky, upbeat girl who loves her multi-ethnic family's Christmas traditions. The teenagers get to know each other by sharing their dreams and desires through a red notebook by passing it back and forth at various locations across the city. They must complete a series of city-spanning dares to find the next notebook drop-off location. The red notebook has become extremely popular among fans of the show. Some fans took to social media to post pictures of their red journal that they started to keep after watching the show.

The famed Strand bookstore is a center point of the plot, with it being the place where it begins and ends. It is a beloved and iconic New York establishment that has taken a hit in the wake of the pandemic like all other indie bookstores. The cast enthuses the ability of the show to raise awareness for the Strand and get it some much-needed traction. Given that Nick Jonas is one of the executive producers of the series, there is a short cameo of Nick Jonas and the Jonas Brothers in the show. The liveliness of snowy contemporary New York makes the series even more dreamy. It is a perfect escapist binge to cure your 2020 isolation blues with some good old Christmas cheer.

The Dash & Lily Quiz
It is now time to find out just how well you know Dash & Lily. Do you remember the various dares and clues? The different city locations? The characters? Let’s find out!


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