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13 reasons why quiz

13 Reasons Why Quiz

Hello! Welcome to the 13 Reasons Why Quiz by Quizlu!
Are you a fan of 13 Reasons Why?
If you are, this is the perfect way to see what you remember about your favorite series.

13 Reasons Why is a Netflix Original teen drama that aired on March 31, 2017, in the United Staes. The story gained immense popularity after its stellar and controversial first season, which tackled some important mental health and societal issues.
The first season of 13 Reasons Why is closely derived from the same name, written by Jay Asher. The story follows a teenager named Clay, who is still reeling from the tragic suicide of one of his classmates, Hannah Baker. As he comes home, Clay finds a mysterious package on his front porch. When he opens the package, he finds a set of 13 tapes in it. When he starts listening to it, he finds out that it was left to him by Hannah.
From here, we start to follow two protagonists instead of one. We follow Hannah as she lists the 13 reasons that lead to her deciding to take her own life, giving the series its name - 13 Reasons Why. On the other hand, we follow Clay as he learns how some of his classmates and teachers were responsible for his friend's death. The series unfolds in such a way that we do not get all the answers at once. Why did she kill herself? Why did she not seek help? Why did she leave these tapes to Clay and not anyone else? Finally, is Clay himself one of the reasons why?

The series gained popularity mainly because it shined the light on some very important issues faced by today's teenagers. It touches on subjects like bullying, teen pregnancies, sex-ed, rape, mental health, and of course, teen suicide and how it affects those who are left behind. Were you entranced by this series like so many others that you binge-watched it? If so, this quiz is a perfect outlet for you to show-off your knowledge.

The 13 Reasons Why Quiz
Do you know Hannah Baker as well as Clay? Which teacher was one of the reasons for Hannah’s death? What do you remember about the series, and what have you forgotten?
Take this quiz and find out if you are the ultimate 13 Reasons Why fan!


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